Financial times, 12th October 2016

Future Advocacy was featured in a Financial Times article entitled 'MPs call for UK to launch artificial intelligence commission', on the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee's recommendations around Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. 

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Huffington post uk, 7th june 2017

Cath Elliston contemplates the impact of artificial intelligence on elections and democracy. She weighs the worrying implications of social media targeting against the positives that could come from opportunities like automated translation.



Board agenda, 13th December 2016

Olly Buston writes about the benefits and risks of artificial intelligence for company board members, tackling issues from transparency to employment. He urges business leaders to be aware of the potential impacts on businesses, consumers, and the world.


VOICE of ISLAM, 25th march 2017

Cath Elliston was interviewed on the Saturday Morning Live programme on the 'Voice of Islam' radio station, talking about artificial intelligence and the future world of work.