Making the best of AI is one of the most important challenges of our century, a challenge we all face together. Future Advocacy are doing a commendable job of encouraging well-informed debate about these crucial issues, in government and in the public sphere.
— Huw Price, Bertrand Russell Professor of Philosophy, Cambridge University; Academic Director of the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence


We are in the early stages of an intelligence revolution.

Artificial intelligence (AI) already permeates many aspects of our lives. AI systems trade on the stock market, filter our email spam, recommend things for us to buy, navigate driverless cars, and in some places can determine whether you are paid a visit by the police. 


The fast-moving development of AI presents huge economic and social opportunities.

Over the coming years AI will drive economic productivity and growth; improve public services; and enable scientific breakthroughs. It will also bring significant risks.



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How might driverless cars affect our city? 
Special London supplement to the Future Advocacy report "An Intelligent Future?". 

According to our new exclusive YouGov poll, most Londoners still see driverless cars as a futuristic phenomenon that will not be seen on the streets of London for many years. 


This excellent report helps show us how we can ensure Artificial Intelligence delivers on the needs and wants of real people. AI is a powerful and flexible tool that will increasingly transform businesses, governments, and societies. We need to get this right.
— Kay Firth-Butterfield, Former CO, Lucid AI’s Ethics Advisory Panel; Co-Founder, Consortium for Law and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, University of Texas, Austin

Very impressive, thorough and thought-provoking document on AI.
— Stephen Fry

Artificial intelligence creates great opportunities for improving diagnosis and treatment. At the same time it brings challenges in areas such as privacy and accountability. This report provides great food for thought on how we can get the balance right.
— Dame Sally Davies, UK Chief Medical Officer

The development of AI will have profound global consequences and the UN has a vital role to play in making sure the opportunities are maximized and the risks are minimized. The UNICRI Centre on AI and Robotics seeks to enhance understanding through improved coordination, knowledge collection and dissemination, awareness-raising and outreach activities. Future Advocacy is a valuable contributor to these important global efforts.
— Irakli Beridze, Senior Strategy and Policy Advisor, United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute