We amplify the advocacy impact of people who are making the world a better place.

Future Advocacy have been absolutely central to driving critical policy wins for child health such as the sugary drinks levy, extending free school meals over the holidays and Sadiq Khan's landmark policy of ending junk food advertising on the London transport network so healthier products are in the spotlight instead.

Cath Elliston,
Head of Campaigns, Jamie Oliver Group

Future Advocacy, despite the odds, helped lead advocacy to deliver the first-ever G7 Heads of State and Interior Ministers commitments to tackle childhood sexual violence.

Dr Paul Zeitz,
Co-founder, Brave Movement

Olly has campaigned, lobbied, pressured tirelessly for this. Working the corridors of power, winning over ministers and advisors...He remained creative, dogged and determined to the end and got the prize!

James Toop,
CEO, BiteBack 2030

Future Advocacy really got Movember and did a really fantastic job...We now have the key building blocks of a global advocacy strategy and we're very excited about what comes next.

Sarah Sternberg,

Designing winning advocacy strategies

We are experts in advocacy strategy development. Our strength is understanding the dynamics of power and how decisions are made. We can build from your organisation’s mission to create a specific, targeted advocacy strategy that will maximise your impact and create the change you want to see.

Here are some of the services we deliver for our clients:

  • Global, regional and national advocacy strategies
  • Political and parliamentary mapping
  • Stakeholder mapping and power analysis
  • Effort vs impact analysis
  • Delivering advocacy campaigns.

Global Government relations

Our team has deep practical experience of how changes in government policy and business practice can be achieved. We’ve worked with governments around the world, intervening at key moments to build support for ambitious policies that create positive change. We can build relationships with those in power to win their support for your cause.

We support you to influence the people in power, making the decisions about your cause. Here are some of the services we deliver for our clients:

  • Global government relations strategies
  • Political and parliamentary mapping, briefings, outreach and roadshows
  • Party conference political engagement
  • Navigating engagement with the UN, World Bank, IMF, G7, G20 and other international bodies and forums.