Feed Britain Better Report

Future Advocacy is proud to be working on the Feed Britain Better project. Feed Britain Better is a youth-led coalition of child health organisations, youth campaigners, food charities, education leaders, and organisations representing food businesses.

The Feed Britain Better coalition has written a youth-led report documenting young people’s experience with food during this COVID-19 crisis; suggesting the change they want to see; the solutions they believe will make that change happen. 

The report documents some improvements in young people’s health during this time- an increase in cooking from scratch, eating meals as a family, drinking more water. But the report also highlights some things got worse- an uptake in snacking among young people, being bombarded with online junk food adverts, less access to healthy foods as many have seen their families lose income. 

5 out of the 10 recommendations in the report are directed to the Government, including Extending the Holiday activity and Food programme all-round, as well as an “Eat Well to Stay Well” initiative. 

The report and the youth summit that will accompany it is expertly timed as we come to terms with how inextricably linked food and health is, with those with poor health at greater risk from COVID. The report provides youth initiated solutions to get young people healthy in the wake of the physical and mental health implications of the COVID crisis. 

The report can be found here: