Junk Food Marketing Exposé

Future Advocacy is proud to have worked on the Junk Food Marketing Exposé for Bite Back 2030. Bite Back 2030 is a youth-led movement to create healthier and fairer environments for young people with an overall goal to halve childhood obesity by 2030 and close the inequality gaps.

The Junk Food Marketing Exposé details the different methods the food industry uses online to target young people with junk food. Some important statistics included in this report are:

  • Children in the UK see nearly 500 junk food adverts per second online.
  • More than twice as many 13-17 year olds in the 10 least affluent constituencies have been marked by Facebook/Instagram as having an interest in fast food than in the 10 richest constituencies.
  • Facebook/Instagram has marked 280,000 13-17 year olds as having an interest in fast food, making them more likely to be targeted with fast-food advertising without their explicit consent.

You can also find the full report here:

The report is part of a broader campaign by Bite Back 2030, #AdEnough, that calls on the Government to follow through on its commitment to ban junk food advertising online. You can sign Bite Back 2030 Youth Board Co-Chair Dev’s letter to Matt Hancock demanding a meeting to ensure the government follows through on its commitment here: