Olly Buston – AI Influencer

Deep Knowledge Analytics, the Big Innovation Centre, and the APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group) on AI have produced a report summarising all the publicly available data on the AI industry in the UK. The objectives of this in-depth snapshot of the current state of the industry are to inform stakeholders and strengthen the UK’s position in the global AI race. The 1000 companies based in the UK and 600 investors are categorised into sub-sectors, such as healthcare. The report also features a list of relevant events, ethics and government initiatives, as well as practical applications and use cases.

We are proud that our CEO Olly Buston is named among the top 80 UK AI Influencers, specifically in the category Think Tanks and Hubs. Future Advocacy’s recommendations to the UK Government on the topic of automation in our report The Impact of AI in UK Constituencies: Where will automation hit hardest? are also featured.

The report highlights the UK’s potential to be the global leader in AI-governance and matters of AI ethics, transparency and safety. We very much agree with this opportunity and our team is excited to be working on related projects aiming to help shape an optimal road forward.